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Image by Angèle Kamp

Systemic Life Coaching

Coaching is an excellent option for someone who is looking to create movement and progress

in life through exploring current situations and defining action steps.

Coaching emphasizes the use of powerful questions to help clients uncover their own wisdom

about how to meet barriers and conflicts with new understanding. Sometimes this includes

exploring the past, yet the focus is always on the client’s desired outcome.

I was trained in an approach that is transformational, not transactional. With a

foundation in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles and systems theory, I recognize

that all individuals experience life in the context of many influences and constraints.

I will never bypass the acknowledgement of those greater realities, even while moving with the

client every session toward a goal or desire they define.

In this way, the client owns the outcome and the full credit for their growth and change is

theirs. I merely facilitate the client’s uncovering of their own innate empowered state.

Coaching sessions are one hour long and are offered at a minimum of four sessions. Coaching

can also be interwoven with Systemic & Family Constellations.


Coaching vs. Other Helping Professions


Source: Coach Diversity Institute

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