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Professional Background & Testimonials

Visionary servant leader, facilitating cohesion among partners by navigating difference and building trust. Seasoned in co-designing impactful policy, systems, and environmental change initiatives while holding brave space. Expertise in maternal-child health policy and public health infrastructure.

Executive Snapshot: Offers more than 25 years' nonprofit executive experience with an emphasis on integrity and receptivity to foster ease and belonging. Committed to creating spaces for all voices to be heard, actively seeking opportunities to include diverse perspectives in collaborative work. Believes we are each autonomous, yet in each other's care; personal identity coexists with collective wisdom; and mutual aid is the answer. Champion for courageous conversations to find common ground from which to move and build.

Qualities, Competencies, and Capacities:

  • Approachable, composed, organized, and strategic. Compassionate, passionate, warm, and thoughtful. Possesses interpersonal and political savvy. Responsive, with high capacity for ambiguity and emergence.

  • Committed to mentoring leaders, inspiring staff, and engaging volunteers through empowerment, coaching, and accountability.

  • Builds synergy across teams to fulfill the organization’s mission and initiative’s promise.

  • Researches and analyzes complex policy and related components, builds learning opportunities to empower shared and informed decision-making.

  • Actively seeks diverse perspectives, and rapidly synthesizes to reflect group's desires.

  • Uses strategic frameworks and clear roadmaps to catalyze forward momentum.

  • Seasoned advocate, public speaker, trainer, facilitator, and equity-informed mediator.

Professional Roles:

  • Founder, Many Ways, LLC (2020-Present)

  • Deputy Director, U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (2012-2023)

  • West-Pacific Region Representative to U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (elected role 2009-2012)

  • Director, Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon, Oregon Public Health Institute (2007-2012)

  • Executive Director, Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon (2004-2009)


  • "Amelia is true to her word, is present regardless of outside events, readily brings broad topics and conversations to a concise focal point."

  • "Amelia has worked as a great partner over the years with organizations I have worked for and with my current business. She has drive to ensure that what she is working on pays special attention to the people it will be impacting. She brings a sensitivity to her work - recognizing where she may or may not be an expert but seeking to find those who are. She has shown incredible ability to maintain a sense of calm in challenging times and in difficult situations."

  • "Even in a group, I always felt like Amelia paid close attention to me and my desired pacing, adjusting and asking for feedback in a way that felt really supportive."

  • “It’s been gratifying to work with you in so many capacities. I appreciate your authentic commitment to moving through difficult situations. In facilitation, you create space where everyone can share their voices and perspectives moving us from division to cohesion. It’s amazing. ROSE is awarding you the William Lloyd Garrison Ally award in recognition of the action you’ve taken to recognize and call out racism so that we can transform the work of achieving health diversity, equity and inclusion.”

  • "Amelia is intelligent and has a wealth of experience in many different sectors that she can bring to the table to help you solve your problems."

  • "Amelia has demonstrated effective leadership and nurturing really complex/complicated organizational challenges. She listens and is able to navigate hard issues with integrity and kindness. Working alongside Amelia has helped me gain more confidence in leadership and I have learned a lot from observing her skills."

  • "I always felt supported and important to Amelia in this work, which was a very positive, nurturing experience for me."

  • "Amelia was able to mobilize our collaborative, help us identify priorities, bring lots of stakeholders together in shared learning, and I think it was a really wonderful opportunity for members to have community, share support, especially during the early days of the pandemic when there was so much uncertainty."

  • "Amelia is adept at presenting material in a way that feels unbiased and allows everyone in the group to safely ask questions and text in questions that arise pertaining to the subject matter. She also balances the time available for each participant to speak and feel heard. Amelia leaves each session with a valuable piece to reflect on a.d something to bring to the next session."

  • "I think Amelia is exceptional in how deftly she facilitates, actively listens, and provides opportunities for constituents to identify shared interests and priorities for moving forward."

  • "The little time we worked together has had a huge effect on our organization. Amelia is excellent at identifying a need, considering the best tool for the job, and making the connections that will ultimately work best but with the littlest effort."

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