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12 Session Online Course:
Embodied Life, Leadership & Decision Making

"How will I ever make the right decision?"

It's a familiar scenario. A client comes into session tense and scattered. As they describe a unfolding situation, the narrative is so jumbled it quickly feels like chasing rabbits. Once we slow down with a few breaths, the client tells me, "I feel frantic. I have to move on this soon, but I'm too stressed to think clearly. How will I ever make the right decision?"

Many ways of knowing

We try so hard to think of everything, moving chess pieces in the mind's eye in hopes of a great outcome. Yet rarely are real life considerations inanimate like chess pieces.  Usually, we're sifting ideas and options with emotional content and real human costs. In such a state, it can be hard to get clear and take decisive action. Fortunately, we don't have to limit ourselves to mental maps alone. We can learn how to tap other ways of knowing that are often dormant yet accessible.

Accessing embodied wisdom

Our bodies communicate through sensation. Gut feelings, tingles in the spine, shaking hands, jumpy feet... those feelings and feedback offer information we can use if we know how to listen to what the body is telling us.

A shared learning journey in three movements

This twelve week course is for people interested in co-creating a supportive community. We will embark on a shared learning journey in three movements:

  • Foundational concepts, techniques, and tools

  • Exploration and application to life and family

  • Exploration and application to work, leadership, and decision-making


Community Container:  Each circle will be limited to 12 people to allow for deep exchange. We will co-create community agreements and work in confidential space. We'll track and unpack our limiting beliefs, be courageous in our vulnerability, and expect to grow while holding one another in care.

What we put into it:  Our consistent presence each week contributes to maintaining the community container. We each attend to our own needs, while understanding that the depth experienced and meaning derived is connected to our authentic show up for ourselves and the group. 

What we receive from it:  We will build community while learning to tune in to body sensations. Across the course, each person will build their own sensory map. We will learn and practice tools and techniques of discernment that aid in decision making and system sensing. As the course progresses, there will be opportunity to explore questions or pain points in your life and work using these tools. Those who opt-in for the individual sessions will also receive support with integration in a private setting to augment the group experience.

About the Convener: With over twenty years' experience convening groups of many sizes and purposes, I am a seasoned guide through delicate territory. I'm a Systemic Constellation facilitator, certified professional coach, and certified equity-informed mediator. I've shared these somatic tools and techniques with clients in individual and small group settings, and I routinely use somatic wisdom to inform my own life and professional choices. While times of uncertainty are inevitable, I am increasingly able to sense my own truth and power moment by moment. I recognize or create openings, and aim to know and align with my what my heart truly desires. I am now providing this practice opportunity to others, as an act of service toward our collective growth.

Time Commitment:

  • Next course begins Tuesdays starting September 10, 2024

    • 7-8:15pm ET / 6-7:15pm CT / 5-6:15pm MT / 4-5:15pm PT

  • 12 sessions, each 75 minutes long, for 15 hours interactive engagement

    • This is a deep course offering. There will be readings, reflection prompts, and practice options for outside of class. The depth of your experience is your choice.


Wondering if this is right for you?

Smile, and try asking your body what it knows. Here's one way to do it: Stand and notice the subtle sensations of your body. Next, set a mat or paper in front of you to represent this course. Then step onto the mat, noticing any subtle changes. Explore how the sensations, or lack thereof, might inform your decision.

Further questions warmly welcomed

"Every week I am surprised and challenged by information I’ve never learned before.”
“I feel grateful for everyone’s thoughtful engagement, and how seriously everyone is approaching this.”
“I think a big gift is the time we are carving out for this conversation. Showing up and learning are powerful.”
“Thank you for holding space for this, Amelia. Your depth of knowledge is really helpful while we process this.”
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