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Org Change Shedding Madrone

Consulting & Organizational Change

I help organizations improve dynamics, culture, function, and impact. Peeling back the layers of history and patterns that no longer serve, we can meet the mission and advance strategy through an equity lens.  I bring 25 years experience as a nonprofit executive working with local, state, regional, and national organizations. I'm a seasoned facilitator, strategic advocate, impactful leader and heart-centered coach and mentor.


Contact Many Ways to describe your organizational needs and vision. If necessary to fit the scope of work, a team will be assembled from a large collegial network of aligned consultants. I look forward to hearing from you and helping your organization thrive.


Organizational Change & System Transformation

In life, one of the only constants is change; and yet as human beings, change often evokes fear and resistance. Where we focus and what we amplify frames a lot of the experience. Organizational change can be an opportunity to develop a shared vision that holds all the people and elements in care on the journey to system transformation. Many Ways consultants bring substantial experience with organizational change management from a heart-centered, system lens.

Leadership & Team Development

The world needs courageous and conscious leaders and partners ready to contribute to societal change efforts. That’s so much easier said than done, however, when prior investments have been disappointing, and we’re in a time of collective exhaustion. Many Ways offers Diversity and Belonging Coaching, support for hiring and onboarding, and equity-informed team development that acknowledges the times and dynamics we’re in, while building towards the times and dynamics we want. There are many ways forward.

Board Facilitation & Mission Alignment

Organizations do not have a conscience, they have cultures. At the same time, organizations are guided by Boards of Directors made up of individuals each bringing their own conscience, experiences, skills, expectations, hopes, and blind spots. Coming together as individuals via an election process, they must find enough alignment with each other, to align with the organizational mission. Holding space for disparate views yet shared goals, consultants at Many Ways are highly effective in helping Boards understand their role, optimize their effectiveness, and innovate utilizing mental, emotional, and somatic intelligence.

Facilitation for Conscious Convenings & Collaborations

Consultants at Many Ways are seasoned facilitators and equity-informed mediators bringing skills in meeting design, thoughtful group agreements, powerful questions, and sensitivity to balancing individual needs with group aims. We will effectively hold brave space for the difficult conversations your group needs to have. Many groups need and deserve support to disrupt harmful dynamics, listen beyond initial reactivity, identify strategic priorities, and/or work collaboratively to articulate ambitious policy agendas. We will help you become deeply resourced in finding many ways forward.


Structure & Culture Shift for Inclusion, Belonging, & Liberation

Institutions and organizations in the U.S. and around the world must become centers of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to foster true innovation and healthy workplace dynamics. To truly transform the structure and culture of an organization, however, requires commitment to interventions at every level of the system. Institutional equity work must simultaneously include and address intra-personal, interpersonal, organizational and system level conditions. Consultants at Many Ways bring decades of experience in supporting organizational structure and culture change that is comprehensive, transformative, and lasting.

Collective Impact Initiatives Centering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Collective Impact is a framework that describes the conditions necessary for large scale social change initiatives. Whether formally designated as Collective Impact or not, all collaboratives must include and balance the contributions of content and context experts, while centering the needs of those most impacted by inequitable structures. Consultants at Many Ways have been privileged to work with diverse communities as thought leaders, facilitators, presenters, and stewards of heart-centered, system change.

Capacity Building & System Mending

Through deep listening, shared learning, reflection, and system mapping, teams can expand their capacity to approach and respond to the complexity and discomfort that may accompany innovation. Learn together how to recognize organizational patterns, surface hidden dynamics, and use the body as a feedback and decision making tool. New information and options evolve the way efforts are organized, bringing more resource to beleaguered systems.

Public Speaking & Engagement

Engaging audiences of various compositions, sizes, and purposes, consultants at Many Ways are seasoned speakers and trainers. Recognizing the needs of adult learners, presentations are interactive and paced according to the emerging dynamics of the space. Topics such as Collective Impact; policy, system and environmental change; system view and awareness; developing many ways of knowing, being, and doing as leaders and teams; and dismantling the limiting beliefs and behaviors of white dominant culture within organizations, are all sweet spots for Many Ways.

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