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Group Facilitation,
Workshops & Courses

I facilitate groups, convene workshops and offer courses aligned with my passion for human system mending. I believe that through shared learning and facilitated conversations, we can develop new perspectives, tools, and skills that help us grow as individuals, families, and communities.

Note: OPEN REGISTRATIONS are listed on the Open Workshops & Courses page.

Facilitation for Conscious Convenings and Collaborations

Consultants at Many Ways are seasoned facilitators and equity-informed mediators bringing skills in meeting design, thoughtful group agreements, powerful questions, and sensitivity to balancing individual needs with group aims. We will effectively hold brave space for the difficult conversations your group needs to have. Many groups need and deserve support to disrupt harmful dynamics, listen beyond initial reactivity, identify strategic priorities, and/or work collaboratively to articulate ambitious policy agendas. We will help you become more deeply resourced in finding many ways forward.


Systemic & Family Constellation In-Person Workshops

In-person in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

Systemic & Family Constellations provide a system-view of an issue or pain point. Read more about the Constellation method and process

Read about here and express interest to register for upcoming workshops

Embodied Life, Leadership & Decision-Making

12-session online course. A circle for practicing embodied life and leadership.

Long ago a friend described life as a set of decisions that open or close probability patterns. That idea emphasizes the consequences of poor decisions. Considering potential impacts without the right tools for discernment, we can capitulate to fear, decision fatigue, or paralysis. This is a 12-session course for learning how to wake up and utilize dormant somatic and system sensing capacities for feedback and decision making. There is no need to be limited to the distortions, projections, or overwhelm of the story-making mind. Get into the body to walk forward in confidence and joy. Course limited to 12 individuals.

Read more here and express interest to register.

Grief, Guts, & Gratitude in the Labyrinth of Loss

8-session online group. A circle for supporting one another in turning towards loss.

Recently, several people shared that they are in a time of profound grief, and feel like they're walking alone. They want to resource themselves with space to be honest about what their situation evokes, but they have not found a support group aligned with what their spirit needs. This has been my experience, too. And so I'm calling in the community I've been longing for, and will serve as both facilitator and vulnerable participant as we hold one another through the holidays.

Read more here and express interest to register.

End the Year in the Clear

4-week online group. Close the loop and turn the wheel.

As the days grow shorter, let's complete and close the loop on decisions, projects, or tasks, and release what our hearts know is no longer needed. This four-week walk to Solstice is an invitation to shed what doesn't serve as the wheel turns to a new year. Wrapping up, sticking the landing, and clearing the crud is going to feel great in this gathering of people ready to clear the space for something new while cheering each other along.

Read more here and express interest to register.

Systemic & Family Constellation Facilitator Practice Group

Online, first and third Mondays each month.

Trained Systemic & Family Constellation Facilitators who would like to practice in a supportive and caring environment are welcome to this online community. Groups are limited to about 12 practitioners per semester. This group has been going in various forms since 2017 and is a sweet and supportive learning community. There is space to experiment, receive help and honest feedback, and do your own work amongst peers. Commitment includes attendance twice per month for three months (12 weeks / 6 sessions); practicing the group agreements; and mutual support for fellow practitioners. Contact Many Ways for event details and to express interest in future dates.

Also available upon request:

DEI 101: Learning Journey to Belonging for Individuals

8-week online course. A circle for white people new to learning anti-racism principles and practices, with a focus on the United States.

Learning to be anti-racist is a journey. It can be awkward at first to discuss race and racism, especially if this is unfamiliar, and especially during this time in the United States and throughout the world when it’s visible that lives are on the line. The rewards include a deeper capacity to listen; improved skill in centering attention outside your experience; recognition of when and how to use privilege; all for the purpose and potential of authentic relationships with wider circles of fellow human beings with whom we can co-create lasting, systemic change. The course may be nicely augmented by Systemic Life Coaching and/or Systemic & Family Constellations for deeper individual work. Courses are limited to groups of eight. Contact Many Ways to express interest.

DEI 101: Learning Journey to Belonging for Organizations

10-week online course. A course for organizational leaders new to anti-racism. This is adapted from the 8-week course described above, with the twist that it is tailored for organizations.

Many organizations and institutions in the United States are structured around white dominant culture norms such as perfectionism, urgency, and competition. Transforming workplaces to be centers of diversity, equity, inclusion, liberation, and belonging is a major task that must be undertaken at every level of the system. Intra-personal change is key to shifting interpersonal dynamics, and movement with both are prerequisites to authentic, lasting organizational change. Available for up to 10 people at a single organization; or 2 people per organization representing up to five different entities. The course may be nicely augmented with Leaderful Executive Coaching to address personal beliefs, biases, and experiences; and/or organizational consultation on policies, practices, and collaborative work. Contact Many Ways to express interest.

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