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4 Week Online Course:
End the Year in the Clear

Letting go to create something new

Do you want something different for your life? New clarity, relationships, purpose, work, or direction? One of the best ways to create something new is to attend to and complete the old unfinished business that's holding you back.

Culling, completing, and moving on

Projects we haven't finished, decisions we haven't acted on, and clutter in our homes or lives are like spider webs tying us down. In the growing darkness at the end of the year, let's gather together to close loops, cut cords, and clear space.

Winter Solstice - more than the longest night

As the days grow shorter, let's complete and release what our hearts know is no longer needed. This four-week walk to Solstice is an invitation to shed what doesn't serve before the wheel turns to a new year. Wrapping up, sticking the landing, and clearing the crud is going to feel great in this gathering of people ready to clear the space for something new while cheering each other along.

A nourishing table in a collaborative container

This four week journey is for people interested in co-creating a supportive and courageous community. Why courage? Because that stuff hanging over your head or nagging you at night probably isn't there just by chance.


Community Container:  Each circle will be limited to 12 people to allow for deep exchange. We will co-create community agreements and work in confidential space. We'll track and unpack our limiting beliefs, be courageous in our vulnerability, and expect to grow while holding one another in care.

What we put into it:  Our consistent presence each week contributes to maintaining the community container. We each attend to our own needs, while understanding that the depth experienced and meaning derived is connected to our authentic show up for ourselves and the group. 

What we receive from it:  We will build community while cleaning up our business. Across the month, each person is encouraged to select their focus areas and use our shared time to ask for support or accountability. This will be an upbeat, celebratory gathering - no shame in the game.

About the Convener: With over twenty years' experience convening groups of many sizes and purposes, I am a seasoned guide through delicate territory. I'm a Systemic Constellation facilitator, certified professional coach, and certified equity-informed mediator. I share somatic tools and techniques with clients in individual and small group settings, and I routinely use somatic wisdom to inform my own life and professional choices.

Time Commitment:

  • Wednesdays at 7-8pm ET, starting November 27, 2024

  • 4 weekly sessions, each 1-hour long


Wondering if this is right for you?

Smile, and try asking your body what it knows. Here's one way to do it: stand with your feet hip distance apart. Ask yourself, "am I truly free to move in any direction?" Notice if there is any hesitancy anywhere in or around your body. If so, take a breath and bring your awareness to your thoughts. Ask yourself, "what do I need to move, release, or complete in order to move?" Notice what comes to mind, or simply any changes in the quality of feeling. Notice how the sensations, or lack thereof, might inform your decision.

Further questions warmly welcomed

  • Contact Me

  • Schedule an introduction/discovery call.

"Amelia was able to mobilize our [group], help us identify priorities, and bring lots of stakeholders together in shared learning. It was a really wonderful opportunity to have community and share support."
"Amelia is adept at presenting material in a way that feels unbiased and allows everyone in the group to safely ask questions that arise."
“I think a big gift is the time we are carving out for this conversation. Showing up and learning are powerful.”
“Thank you for holding space for this, Amelia. Your depth of knowledge is really helpful while we process this.”
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