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Many Ways Forward

Consulting • Coaching • Systemic Mending

Honoring many ways of knowing, being, and doing

From Self to Systems with Amelia Psmythe Seger

"The success of the intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener." ~Bill O'Brien

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Consulting & Coaching
for Organizations

I offer organizations consultation, facilitation, and coaching, to improve dynamics and impact while fostering belonging.

  • Organizational Change & System Transformation

  • Capacity Building & Complexity Navigation

  • Structure & Culture Shift for Belonging & Liberation

  • Facilitation, Collaboration, & System Mending

  • Policy, Strategy, & Collective Impact

Workshops & Courses
for Groups

I convene groups to grow as individuals and cohorts, through shared learning and facilitated conversations, to develop new perspectives, tools, and skills they can use.


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Brave Space for Individuals

I support individuals who feel overwhelmed, conflicted, or entangled, to have more ease, clarity, and resilience with their families and workplaces.


Accompaniment in
Life’s Big Moments

I honor and accompany life’s big moments through deep inquiry and preparation with the individual, couple, family, or organization, so their uniquely tailored ceremony or event transmits dignity, meaning, and joy.


About Me

Somatic & Client~Centered Approach to Insight & Ease

I have served for 25 years as a nonprofit executive and movement builder working in maternal child health. I've facilitated deeply collaborative policy, system, and environmental change initiatives from local to national levels. I've trained in numerous facilitation and coaching modalities while mentoring staff and volunteers for decades.

I am passionate about supporting individuals, groups, and organizations to discover many ways forward. I highlight my client's mental, emotional, and somatic wisdom to honor many ways of knowing, being, and doing.

Many Ways, LLC is a learning laboratory for individuals and communities of practice to

work together to become the courageous and conscious leaders, partners, parents,

and beloved community the world needs.

The Many Ways' offerings are all designed to bolster a client’s unfolding potential.

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"Amelia has worked as a great partner over the years with organizations I have worked for and with my current business. She has drive to ensure that what she is working on pays special attention to the people it will be impacting. She brings a sensitivity to her work - recognizing where she may or may not be an expert but seeking to find those who are. She has shown incredible ability to maintain a sense of calm in challenging times and in difficult situations."

CT, Organizational Partner

Interested in exploring further?
Let's connect.

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